Healthy Wedding Tips

Healthy Wedding Tips

Weddings And Health

Some Tips For Brides


It’s almost every woman’s dream to get married someday, and every single one of those dreams of turning heads on her wedding day. However, as a woman looking forward to her wedding day, you need to understand that having a beautiful wedding dress is not enough to create that jaw-dropping look you are looking for. As the days pass by, and the D-day draws nearer, there are a couple of essential things that you need to follow to ensure that you, personally, are healthy and well and that your skin is flawless and radiant on your wedding day. Here are a couple of weddings and health tips for you to consider following up before your big day.

Eat Healthy in the run up to your wedding

healthy wedding planning,Eating healthy before your wedding day is important if you want to fit in your dress and look radiant as you walk down the aisle. There is nothing worse than trying to fit in the dress you picked out a several weeks or months ago for your wedding and finding that it does not fit snugly. To avoid this from happening, it is important that you start making healthier food choices, even a plan, for not only your bridal showers, parties, and wedding, but also for your future life together.

To ensure that you keep your weight in check, consider eating more vegetables and a variety of fruits, they contain a lot of, alpha-hydroxy acids which are great for good looking skin, every day. Limit the consumption of drinks and meals high in sugar, sweeteners, fat, salt, alcohol, and calories instead go for healthy snacks. If you want to lose some weight before your wedding day, then consider eating smaller food portions, being more active and lowering the amount of fat in your meals. To improve your eating habits permanently, consider using a thoughtful approach where you:

Reflect – think about your eating habits both good and bad and the things that trigger you to eat unhealthy.
Replace – substitute your unhealthy eating habit with a healthier one
Reinforce – strengthen your new, healthier eating habit

Be More Active

In the build up to your wedding, it is advisable that you become more active. For at least two and a half hours every week, do activities that raise your heart and breathing rates, and which strengthen muscles. You do not have to do everything at once. Consider spreading out the health-benefiting activities you choose during the week and break them into smaller time portions spread out through a day. Attaining and maintaining a healthy weight requires both a healthy eating plan and regular physical activity.

Avoid Smoking

Another good wedding and healthy lifestyle tip to consider is quitting smoking. Smoking has adverse effects on the body. As such, if you do smoke, then it is advisable that you consider finding a way to quit before your wedding day. If you don’t, then avoid places where people smoke as secondhand smoking can cause health issues similar to those a smoker experiences. Quitting smoking will not only help you feel and look better, but it also has long-term benefits that you will certainly enjoy in the long run.

Get Enough Sleep

Get about 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. How you perform and feel during the day is directly related to how much you slept the previous night. At the same time, enough sleep will give your body time to relax and to rejuvenate itself. Making sure that you get enough sleep weeks to your wedding will give your body the rest and peace it needs even in these, sometimes, stressing times, and also gives your skin time to revitalize itself. This way, it becomes easier to look relaxed and radiant on your wedding day.

Manage Stress

Planning a wedding isn’t that easy and can have a toll on you. While juggling your wedding planning activities, it is important that you take steps that will help you recognize and manage stress. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, do not be shy about asking for, and accepting help. Pay very close attention to your body – you really don’t to have a breakdown on the day of your wedding. Early symptoms of stress include sleep problems, headache, short temper, difficulty concentrating, low morale amongst other things. When you notice any of these symptoms, it is time to seek help. Talk to your physician or doctor if you think you are losing all control or feel stressed.


As the D-day draws near, it is important that you start thinking about your skin, its state and how it looks. When it comes to weddings and health, one thing that most people take notice of, apart from weight, is the skin. To ensure that yours look flawless on your wedding day, taking beauty treatments and following beauty regimens weeks to the day can help your it look more radiant and beautiful. As such, consider making appointments with your beauty specialist or booking a day at the spa for beauty treatments. If possible, make sure that you get regular body scrubs and facials to ensure that your skin stays smooth and your face spotless. Also, consider getting manicures and pedicures done on a regular basis to keep your feet and hands soft and to leave your nails glowing.

At the same time, consider investing in the best home skin care products for continued skin care. However, it is important that you speak to a dermatologist for advice on what to do and options to take to ensure your skin glows on your wedding day and beyond.

The whole lead up to the wedding can be very stressful. So one option is to choose as many local wedding service providers as you can. The internet is a great research tool and when you have found, say, that wedding bouquet that has to be yours simply get local recommendations for a good florist and together create the flower arrangement you found on the interweb.
This, of course,  applies to all services in your region.
Likewise, think of your close friends and family and find unique accommodation that promotes a green holistic attitude to your wedding planning.
You want to look beautiful and feel great on the day so make sure the day start with as little stress as possible by arriving in style by a reputable wedding car hire firm. Of course resting in the back of a luxury car with all the comforts of home and a smart chauffeur who knows where he’s going will make you feel a little better.
And it’s little things like these added together add to making you feel a smidgen more relaxed.
Think of your wedding preparation as jigsaw and one piece helps the others around it. This preparation also includes your mind, body and spirit, so don’t forget that.

The things you ultimately do to your body a couple of months before your wedding will determine how great you look and feel on the big day. As such, it is up to you to decide if you will make things work for you or not. By considering the above premarital health tips and following up on them, achieving the perfect body, spirit and mind balance is certainly possible.

A Unique Healthy Lifestyle

A Unique Healthy Lifestyle

Does your Lifestyle Need a Health Reboot? 

Boutique Health

Everyone seems to be stressed out today – there seems to be no escaping it, no matter what field you are in. That is why it is essential to properly take care of your health. And it is no longer enough just to eat the right foods or to exercise enough, you need a complete lifestyle reboot as well.

Lifestyle Makeover

Making your lifestyle more health-friendly is the first step to take – before embarking on any diet or exercise program. The first thing to consider is how you feel most of the time – a common complaint  for most people is a feeling of overwhelming tiredness all the time. If that is the case, you need to look at ways to lighten the load.

Analyze your Schedule

Look at your schedule and figure out ways to lighten the load. If you have to take your son to soccer practice every Tuesday, for example, can you make a deal with another parent and carpool – each taking turns?

Are there any activities that you do out of habit or a sense of obligation that you really can cut back on?

How Much Me-Time do you Have?

Here, fifteen minutes alone in the shower is just not going to cut it. Here we mean quality me time – time to refresh and relax completely. It is very important to carve out some time every day to refresh your batteries.

It is also important to schedule some spoiling for yourself, even if you feel that you are run off your feet. Regular visits to the spa or beauty therapist are all essential parts of the new idea of boutique lifestyle and health that has become so popular today.

It is popular for good reason as well. Studies have shown that regular massage can reduce stress levels significantly and can help in the management of pain.

And it doesn’t need to be a massage – a facial or manicure has similar relaxing benefits.

The primary reason is that you are the center of attention and everything is designed to make you feel good. At your sessions, do speak to the therapist about aches and pains you may have, find out about a good skincare regimen that will work for you at home and watch what they do.

What you want to do is to create a tranquil spot in your own home so that you can carry the benefits over from your sessions.

It is also not something that should be looked on as a luxury – make room in your budget for at least a monthly massage, if nothing else. You can also arrange a lady’s pamper session – where each of you gives a treatment to the others. Having some quality me-time will mean that you become more relaxed and productive overall, leaving you the energy to deal with day to day living.

Health Providers

In this busy life we have, there are always good providers of health advice and means to offer treatment. It is becoming more common to find a boutique health plan from your Doctor or Pharmacy. Also, you can find specialist lifestyle spas that can provide unique treatments and include the input of a health care professional.

Things like concierge medicine and have access to a single Physician to look after your wellbeing. Certain high street pharmacies cater to a specific illness, like, where you can get glucose screening and diet advice to help control blood sugar levels and keep patients more informed about their diabetes and can provide a pharmacist who has had extra training in this field, giving you a unique care plan. These services all form part of an individual lifestyle to add in with the other things a person can do to have a personalized and unique plan

On to the Eating Plan

To maintain the benefits of your new lifestyle reboot, you need to start looking at your diet very critically. Experts now recommend that we eat as little-processed foods as possible and focus on foods as close to nature as possible. Like leafy greens, low saturated fat and oily fish.

This does not mean that you have to go full on Paleo if you don’t want to but just that you should buy the best quality food that you can afford.

Try to eat right for at least 80% of the time and you can give yourself a little leeway for the rest of it.

Start by being smart about the foods that you buy. Ideally, if there are more than 5 ingredients in a food or if you are unable to pronounce some of these, its best left on the shelf.

Definitely avoid foods that have high levels of fructose in them – none at all is what you are aiming for. This will require vigilance; fructose is added to a lot of different products in order to make them taste better. You will probably even find it listed as an in ingredient in your all-bran flakes!

Fructose is widely being accepted as one of the biggest health threats that we face today. Overconsumption of it leads to the disruption of our blood sugar levels and subsequent disruption of our hormones. This can lead to weight, gain and serious illness such as Diabetes and Heart Disease. (The so-called lifestyle diseases.)

Exercise Please

You do not have to become a gym bunny and exercise for hours a day. Getting your heart rate up for at least half an hour a day will help you maintain good health. (It doesn’t even have to be one continuous session.)

Throw in some resistance training and you are all set – This sort of training is vital because we lose muscle mass as we age and sedentary lifestyles. The more muscle mass that is loss, the less energy our bodies burn at rest and the more weight we gain over time. Muscle does weigh more than fat but it also works a lot harder for you.

Put everything together and you have the perfect healthy lifestyle.